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It’s easy when you know how

Not knowing what to do ‘next’ is one of the biggest causes of business stagnation. We can teach you how to take your business further.

Why people run their own business

We offer free podcasts, training materials and resources as well as other courses and 1 to 1 training opportunities for those in business who just need that extra push, a confidence boost or an idea about how people in their positions have been able to take their businesses further without the need for massive investments.

The average number of businesses started in the UK each year
Average amount of businesses who survive more than 5 years
Number of eCommerce enabled websites in the UK alone in 2022

Business is our area of expertise

Business can be daunting, exciting and is forever moving. What we do is take the knowledge we have gained over the years and bring it to people in a way they can relate to their own experiences and goals.

We’ve worked with all the major platforms and worked out ways to get the best from them – click the logos below to find out more!  


Podcasts & digital content

ecommerce accessible

From July 2023 we will be producing regular podcast episodes and digital resources to help anyone with an interest in eCommerce – bite sized snippets of information aimed at educating and advancing your knowledge

Online Courses

We offer engaging, friendly and relatable online courses for anyone who wants a little bit more from their online business ideas. Be it an Etsy store, a custom built eCommerce platform or the digital outlet for your brick and mortar shop, we’ve got resources for you.

  • 15 mins +
  • Wherever works for you!


Coming Soon!


Face to face Learning and Networking

Coming in 2024!

How to do business online – start to finish

We will soon be with you, face to face, in the Sussex area! Come and learn about setting up your eCommerce business, learn about the highs and lows of running your own business and meet some like-minded, local people in the process!

  • Coming Soon
  • TBC
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Someone has already been there

Regardless of where you are in your business journey it’s sometimes hard to remember that someone will already have been through what you are going through. Why gatekeep it?

We aim to educate, enthuse and promote small business expansion in the UK

From ecommerce zero to hero

From launch to success, or reviving a dormant store and bringing it back to life there’s a path out there for all business owners.